For the Ladies (beware):

Idiom: "I batch myself."
Translation: "I'm a bachelor."

For the moments that...:

Idiom: "Who daddied him?"
Translation: "Who is his father?"

For the Doctor:

Idiom: "I've got it so in my neck."
Translation: "My neck hurts."

Idiom: "I must change around."
Translation: "I need to change my clothes."

Idiom: "Will it give rain?" "Will it make rain?"
Translation: "Is it going to rain?"

Idiom: "I'll meet you go."
Translation: "I'll see you off ."

Idiom: "She is wonderful poor."
Translation: "She is extremely poor."

Idiom: "Don't splutter so."
Translation: "Don't talk so fast."

Idiom: "Outen the light." "Make out the light."
Translation: "Turn out the light"

Idiom: "How long is your off?"
Translation: "How long is your vacation?"

Idiom: "Do you mind that day?"
Translation: "Do you remember that day?"

Idiom: "You liked it still."
Translation: "You used to like it."

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